Terbit Riansyah (b.1989), is known as Ryan is a website designer from Makassar, based in Bali. He studied Computer Science in Atma Jaya University Makassar, and Multimedia and Design in Sekolah Tinggi Denpasar (STD)

He has a strong background in music. Being a musician for several years since 2007, and also been active in some creative activities in the music scene.
One of the movements that he made is “Music for Brighter Day” or MFBD that running since 2010, and also has made various music events. Recently MFBD becomes a collective media for indie musicians in Indonesia.

As a web designer who has a background in art and music, Ryan can apply it to his work by providing a creative perspective in every job he does, especially in website design.

Currently, Ryan has worked on quite a number of website projects, both while working for a company, and while working on a freelance website with the digital agency “Bali Spotlight” that he found in 2017.

The distinctive feature of Ryan’s works in website designing is simple, modern, and of course user-friendly. He is also very open to input from clients, every time he works on a website so that the design and function of the website that he makes, can be in accordance with his client’s wishes.